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Let's Share Each Other's Businesses on Social Media!

FACT: Most of us are on social media at some stage during the week.

If you are like me, you have joined a few local groups and pages, ie: “Byford & Surrounds Chat & Community Group”.

There is a FANTASTIC opportunity for our members to help promote each other in those groups.

How? Here are the 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the member promotional graphics in the zipped folder here, or “right-click” and save the individual images from the below gallery on this page.

  2. Save the photos to an album or folder on your phone or device (give it an easy to remember name, ie: “Business SJ”).

  3. When you see people asking for recommendations in local facebook groups for different services, just comment by inserting an image from the Business SJ member that corresponds with that service. See example image on this page. You can even go one step further and also insert a link to the members profile from our business directory if you like.
example social media sharing
ABOVE: Example of how to comment in a facebook group with a member recommendation, using one of the member promotional graphics.

Not only does this help our local members, but it also helps by promoting the Business SJ networking group and that will lead to more local businesses joining, so that we can all support one another in business!

Click below to see some of the GREAT Local Businesses who are already part of our group. 

They are in no particular order and the ordering will randomly re-set with each page load.

Not only do our members benefit from networking with our core members and visitors who attend these events, but they also receive a listing in our members business directory and some promotion on our social media accounts. Members also look for ways to share and connect each other with local residents who are requiring or requesting services or recommendations.

It’s time to network and take your business to the next level. Come along to our next event and meet some of the great local people who make up our fantastic networking group.


We are in the process of creating promotional graphics for more of our members so that we can use those graphics to share and promote them via the Business SJ social media accounts.

Coming Soon:

Peel CCI Chamber,

Power Care WA,

Benchmark Business Works


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