Chairmans Report – AGM 2020

Mission Statement.

Advocay, support and representation for the Serpentine Jarrahdale business community. Empowering the growth of local small and medium businesses through networking and education opportunities in the shire. We value integrity, honesty and openness in all business relationships.

Vision Statement. 

To become the premiere advocate of small business in the SJ Shire. To create a thriving connected and well-educated business community. 

Since our incorporation back in February 2019 we have grown exponentially. At the beginning of February 2019 our membership stood at 5. At that time we met regularly at the Community Resource Centre (CRC), it was quite soul destroying. A lot of time and effort went into organising those meetings for very little reward, very few showed up. Something had to change.

It was decided at committee level we needed another venue, the Byford and District Country Club (BDCC) came to the rescue, it was a breath of fresh air. 

With a regular venue and night (4th Tuesday of every month) we were set to make our mark on the small business community in the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire with a regular attendance of between 25 and 30 members.

As we started to get noticed, we attracted some quality, progressive, pro-active thinking people onto our committee. Those people who were and are dedicated to helping further small business within our shire. 

Business SJ would like to acknowledge and thank our previous committee members, who helped us achieve where we are today.

Recognising – John Hardy, Barry Sanders, Jenny Bosma, and Gurneet Bhatia, Thank you.

I personally, have been involved with a number of committees over my time in various organisation, and I can honestly say I haven’t met a more dedicated group of volunteers who make up our committee:

Julia Swinstead – Treasurer

Neil Kentish – Deputy Chairperson

Anne Brown – Secretary

Jennifer Dinsdale – Graphic designer/social media

Elaine Vandenbos – Membership co-ordinator

Jillian Ward – Event co-ordinator

Throughout 2019, we held a number of networking events with many of our businesses showcasing their services or products. We had interesting speakers who delivered a number of 30-minute presentations: Ex SAS veteran Peter Law on leadership, International Cultural intelligence coach Tanya Finnie. A presentation on how to be a better presenter by Caleb Tan, and Peter Butler and Jo Saunders on how to set up and leverage your brand on LinkedIn. 

We’ve also had the pleasure of hosting local councillors, Economic Development and Tourism officer John O’Neil and Shadow Small Business and Tourism minister Alyssa Hayden.

Collaboratively, we have partnered with the Serpentine Jarrahdale shire, Peel CCI and the SJ action group to form strategic alliances in tackling a range of issues which small businesses face within the shire. Further to this it brings us to the present situation.

This situation is unique, every one of us is experiencing something out of the ordinary. This afternoon I resorted to sawing kitchen roll in half to make two rolls of toilet paper, it’s what we do. We have to adapt our way of doing business.

Some of us undoubtedly will struggle to adopt the new norm, a new way of conducting how we engage and provide our service, some, it might not affect, at the moment, but this environment is dynamic, and it changes rapidly. 

There is a lot of confusion amongst small business owners regarding the financial support they are eligible for. As a business group we post on our social media, information that we consider helpful which will hopefully give direction. 

The 3 tiers of government, Federal, State and local, realise the importance of economic recovery once we come through this, and we will. Small business needs to be there on the other side.

As business owners, we have help available from our local government. Serpentine Jarrahdale shire have funded an initiative put together by Business Foundation which is available by contacting John O’Neil at the shire office. Business Advisory, many of you may have seen us mention Julie Broad who works around the Peel region to support small businesses. Julie now is one of a team of consultants and advisors that will offer their services, free of charge, up to 12 sessions. Julie can be contacted directly via our fb page or the shires website.

Business SJ will be there on the other side of this, we are all small business owners ourselves, we are there for our members and for one another. As an organisation we need your continued support, so we can support you. Thank you

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~Business SJ Committee